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It took some real effort at the beginning of Calianna Pecan Farms to decide exactly what kind of pecans we wanted to grow for the discerning customer.  Would we try our luck with native pecans?  Would we go for the biggest pecan? Is there one that tastes better than another? We ended up going back to our vision.... Produce the highest quality pecan for the discerning customer:

Calianna Pecan FarmsBest Tasting:  You can grow a tree that will give you 200 pounds of pecans -- sure.  But if they taste like cardboard then there's no use.  This was our first and foremost concern when we started this journey.  Calianna's pecans, while they each have their own distinct flavors, all maintain a full pecan taste without that dry chalky pallet you can get from poor cultivars.  Calianna's pecans are packaged at the perfect humidity level to ensure a crisp, snappy pecan -- not the rubbery consistency you can get from pecans that have been on the grocery store floor for months.

Matthew's Father Calianna Pecan FarmsBest Looking: Calianna's pecans are healthy, full, and packaged with the baker and cook in mind.  Our large halves are packaged as complete halves and we take great care to ensure they get to you that way; you should be able to take a vast majority of these and place them on top of that pecan pie for the rest of the family to pine after until it's time to cut into it.  Take a picture of that thing, tag us and share it on social media to brag about your ridiculous culinary skills!  Our bags of pieces are for those bakers who don't want the trouble of cutting up those big, beautiful pecans for that family recipe, but still demand the best quality and taste.


Desirable:  Thin-shelled, large, and easy to crack even by hand, these pecans have been a mainstay of southern pecan production for years.  Lots of cooks and bakers love to use these for roasting as they retain their color during baking. Harvests in mid-October.

Moreland:  A time-tested pecan that originated in Louisiana orchards in 1945.  Harvests in late October.

Oconee:  One of our favorite large pecans at Calianna.  A larger pecan that usually shells out extremely well resulting in good looks to go along with the great flavor.  Harvests in early to mid-October.

Sumner:  Another pecan that has been around since the 1940s because of its consistent quality.  A mid-sized pecan, these are usually the ones that folks look for around Christmas because they will be the freshest with a late-October harvest.

Caddo:  These aren’t the biggest pecans around, but we grow them because they are some of the best tasting you will find.  Their high specific gravity means they are high in natural pecan oil that makes this cultivar so flavorful.  They shell out well also which means they end up with a high percentage of “fancy” graded halves.  Harvests in early to mid-October.

Elliot:  These round-shaped pecans have become a choice selection among Louisiana growers.  Like Caddo, they produce a slightly more oily meat that makes for excellent flavor.  Harvest in early to mid-October.

Nacono:  One of our great tasting pecans that harvest in early October, in perfect time for the early Thanksgiving season.  Large and flavorful.

Apalachee:  While these pecans will not be winning any awards for size, they sure make up for it in taste.  A great addition to the baker’s arsenal; they harvest in early October.