Our Family Story

Calianna Pecan Farms First Orchard Effie Louisiana

Our first orchard in Effie, Louisiana.


Calianna Pecan Farms is a family owned and operated business based out of Effie, Louisiana.  Our goal is to provide the best tasting, freshest, highest quality pecans to our customers.  Notice that we did not say "the most."  We do not have thousands of acres of trees.  We have enough to keep the family busy (really busy!) and to provide the very best product to snackers, cooks, and bakers across the country.


Calianna Pecan Farms Farmer on tractor Matt DowdenThe Calianna journey was a long time in the making.  In 1995, Matt was with his family in Okinawa, Japan.  A young high school student at the time, he sat in class one day and stepped on the hair of a beautiful young lady sitting in the chair in front of him.  The rest is history… that young lady from California didn’t know it, but nine years later they married.  Lanessa was skeptical at first, being a city girl from southern California, but she slowly made Matt’s home state of Louisiana, with all it’s flavor, “joie de vivre” (joy of life), and family her home.  It was the meshing of their native states that produced the company’s name:  Calianna. 

Calianna Pecan Farms grafted tree Effie Louisiana orchardIn the summer of 2011, Matt and Lanessa decided to buy a piece of land near their hometown in central Louisiana.  The area was centered at the confluence of the Mississippi, Red, and Atchafalaya Rivers where centuries of alluvial soils settled to make some of the deepest and richest topsoil in the south.  Combine great soil with plenty of rain, hard work, and lots of patience... and you get great pecans.  Previous generations of Matt's family enjoyed the benefits of these home-grown pecans in snacks, baked goods, and in many other dishes.  Calianna is a second generation pecan farm that draws on this rich heritage and the tasty advantages of these Louisiana home-grown pecans.
Second generation Calianna Pecan Farms Matt and FG Dowden

Cajuns have a saying: "coup de main."  It roughly translates to "helping hands."  This has certainly been the case with Calianna Pecan Farms.  With the help of parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and more, Matt and Lanessa's one orchard has turned into a family project that spans growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, and distributing pecans across the United States.

Calianna Pecan Farms Matthew and Lanessa Dowden Okinawa Japan high school sweethearts

Twenty-five years strong and committed to growing the best pecans in the south.