Stay Awhile

Not long ago we at Calianna Pecan Farms launched our website. It was a beautiful day. The skies parted. The sun was shining. It was a moment of sheer bliss. Success. We became one step closer to opening our lives, our story and our journey to the world in the hopes that people would follow us and trust that we were working as hard as we could to ensure the best possible pecans to our buyers.

Our website houses all sorts of pertinent information regarding our pecans including the ability to purchase merchandise and pecans once the harvest season is amongst us. One area in particular is my favorite. Up until now it has been a write up of recipes that we’ve personally tried and enjoyed. But when I chose its name, I knew I wanted it to be more than recipes. I wanted it to be something that I treasure. Something like; my kitchen.

The Calianna Kitchen is one of my most favorite areas of our website. It’s my gathering area. It’s where I gather my thoughts. It’s where I gather my family. It’s where we talk. Where we have coffee. Where we do homework. Where we invite family, friends and familiar faces to stay awhile. Where we enjoy our meals. It’s where we give thanks...

My hope is that you’ll enjoy our Calianna Kitchen as much as we do. So grab a cup of coffee... and stay awhile.

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